Flic - The Wireless Smart Button, 3 Pack - Borderoo
Flic - The Wireless Smart Button, 3 Pack - Borderoo
Flic - The Wireless Smart Button, 3 Pack - Borderoo

Flic - The Wireless Smart Button, 3 Pack

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Flic is a simple and stylish Bluetooth button. It gives you control over your smart device all with the simple push of a button. Connect Flic with your phone to unlock endless possibilities. With three types of trigger inputs; click, double click or hold plus the ability to add as many actions for each input trigger this button is completely yours to customize. All of this is easily set up in the Flic App on your iOS or Android device. With one Flic you can turn the lights on and start the music when you enter your house, order an Uber and send a message plus much more, the possibilities are endless. Check out the full list of applications Flic supports here: https://flic.io/applications

  • Flic - the wireless button that creates a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone
  • It has never been easier to control your smart home, find your phone or control your music
  • Flic makes your life simple

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