Lumo Run - The Running Coach for Every Runner - Borderoo
Lumo Run - The Running Coach for Every Runner - Borderoo
Lumo Run - The Running Coach for Every Runner - Borderoo
Lumo Run - The Running Coach for Every Runner - Borderoo
Lumo Run - The Running Coach for Every Runner - Borderoo
Lumo Run - The Running Coach for Every Runner - Borderoo

Lumo Run

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Thousands of runners suffer injuries and setbacks each year largely due to poor running form. Aside from injuries, running form also has a significant impact on efficiency and performance.

Change the way you approach your training with Lumo Run - a smart wearable sensor and app for iOS that gives you insights and coaching on your running form to help you run faster, farther and reduce the risk of injury.

Compatibility: Compatible only with iPhone 5s or above and with iOS 9.0 or above (may not be compatible with beta releases of iOS)

For any questions, concerns and initial guidance on how to use Lumo Run most effectively, please first visit our comprehensive Support Center at call our dedicated call center at 1-877-702-7866 or write us at prior to contacting Amazon's customer service.

  • Who is Lumo Run for? From beginner to elite, Lumo Run is for you. A beginner looking to get inspired and educated on how to run the right way; A seasoned runner looking to run faster and farther while reducing the risk of injury; A marathoner or hardcore triathlete looking to shave critical minutes off your PR and win the next competition. Lumo Run is for you.
  • Better Form, Better Results - make the most of your every mile with Lumo Run, a revolutionary running sensor and free app (iOS/iPhone only) combination to track, analyze, and improve your understanding of how you move so you can run faster and farther.
  • When running with your phone, get real-time, in-run, auditory and motivational coaching through your headphones for immediate improvement.
  • Receive personalized recommendations for exercises and drills (demonstrated in video) based on your data after each run.
  • See a detailed post-run summary after each run, including analysis of your form and overall performance. Track trends and progress with comparisons across multiple runs.
  • For iPhone 5S or newer models only

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