If you’ve tried to use Borderlinx lately then you know that the service has been shut down indefinitely because of a financial dispute with DHL. While this is extremely unfortunate, you do have other options with how to ship your goods internationally.

1. MyUS

MyUS is our #1 recommendation┬ábecause we’ve found that it has the lowest prices and is the most popular of any U.S. shipping forwarder. It should be noted that we’ve learned this after shipping thousands of packages with more than six different freight forwarders.

2. FishisFast

FishisFast tends to have much higher prices than MyUS but it’s a lesser known package forwarder which means that if a U.S. retailer won’t ship to MyUS, there’s still a decent chance that they’ll ship your package to FishisFast.

Bonus Tip: Use A Cash Back Service

One of the best tricks for maximizing savings when shopping in the U.S. is to use a cash back service. Ebates gives you 2-10% in extra cash back on your purchase plus they’ll give you a bonus $10 after completing your purchase.

It’s a no-brainer if you’re buying anything from a U.S. store.